My Mindmaps


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3 thoughts on “My Mindmaps

  1. Hi Michelle

    I’m so happy that you passed all your exams. Those mindmaps above are brilliant, and I’m sure they did play a part in your success.

    Have you tried online versions of mindmaps? We use Mind Genius in this household. I am a novice but MjB has used it extensively.

    Best wishes


  2. My goodness these take me back – I still have mine for A’Level, Uni and Bar School!

    I still use them extensively for case prep – especially closing speeches when making notes of evidence in court! Top tip – get yourself a decent set of coloured pens (I use artists drawing pens) and keep them with you at all times (well all waking hours anyway). Plus a pad of plain paper – makes mapping easier to do and read.

    I’ve never used the online versions but understand them to be goods, however, not very user friendly for lawyers with a court based practice.

    Warmest regards and keep on keeping on



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