TOP TIP – How to PASS your LAW exams

1 DO NOT Panic – remember that if you have been working steadily all year the information IS IN THERE. It’s all about recall. If you haven’t been working all year then – PANIC – revision is exactly what it says it is revising what you already know.
2. Past papers are your friend. You can usually download them so get yourself a few years of past papers and have a look at the types of questions and themes that are likely to come up. Again – don’t panic just work your way through the past papers and you will be surprised at how much you already know.
3. Draw a plan of your subject – I prefer to mind map mine but you can also just make topic headings. What works for me is a big sheet of wall paper turned over and rolled out and I work on the back of it. The past papers would have helped you to identify some themes so start to draw out your areas of knowledge. You will soon find that you actually know MORE than you thought you did.
4. Remember – You are human not a computer. We humans need breaks, water and proper conditions to study in. the next three tips are essential.
5. DRINK WATER – it’s good for your brain and for revising.
6. ONLY revise for 20 minutes at a time. After 20 minutes STOP. Walk away , make a coffee or just take a break for 5 minutes ( BE STRICT with this one) then return and review everything you have looked at in the previous 20 minutes .This practice really worked for me through out all of my undergraduate years and my post-graduate and I have never failed an exam.
7. Structure your day for revision – it is a waste of time and effort revising when you are tired you will not retain that information. I used set times and breaks and topics.
8. Try mind maps for case notes – draw pictures and use abbreviations to help you remember citations.
9. Remembering the ratio and the legal test is more important than the case citation if you know the legal principles you are one step ahead already.
10. NEVER study on the day of your exam – If you really don’t know your subject by now then focus on what you DO know. It is too late to cram. I found that I was much better prepared on the day of the exam if I was not stressed instead I have always chosen to do something relaxing before my exams.



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