TOP TIP NO 4 – Hey Lawyers – Eat a frog for breakfast

Eat a Fog For Breakfast

As newbie lawyers the Diploma in Legal Practice Students at the University of Glasgow are like sponges soaking in helpful tips and advice from practising lawyers whilst they prepare for life as a solicitor.

One area of practice concerns How to avoid complaints and how to manage our client’s expectations from the beginning. But what happens when as a trainee or solicitor a case on your desk starts to ‘wink’ at you or dissapears to the bottom of the pile? – you probably know what I mean. Its there, you know its there. It wakes you up at night.

This is something newbie lawyers might not understand but cases can wake you up in the middle of the night – I know as I have been handling a full case load of files for over a year as a Para-legal in

Awakening in the wee small hours to wonder , ‘Did I do……….’ ‘Have I instructed ……..’

The night terrors that are built up in ones own mind can be easily remedied according to @BrianInkster who delighted us with his suggestion that we should eat a ‘frog for breakfast everyday’

So what is a frog ?

Probably that case sitting on your desk right now that some how seems to be always the last one you come to , the one that for some reason seems more complicated than the others. Brian suggested that swapping these files with a colleague is helpful as it is often a matter which can be dealt with in a straight forward way. One person’s frog is another’s prince.

Another great tip from BrianInkster at the Diploma in Legal Practice and one that I will now carry forward into my professional life.
Thanks Brian. ( Brianinkster sent me this link have a look)

Have a look at this video by – FROG VIDEO 
<a href=”Brian Tracy”>Brian Tracy

Go on Eat a frog for breakfast – make it your Moto to start the day.

Michelle L. Hynes

Ll.B (hons) DipLp

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