What makes a GREAT lawyer ?

What makes a ‘Great Lawyer?’

It’s the question on everyone’s lips right now – Is it great legal skills and depth of knowledge alone or is it sharp business skills and acute commercial awareness?
OR Is it a mixture of both?

As a newbie lawyer about to launch into the profession I look to my peers for guidance to assist me on my journey to becoming a ‘great lawyer’ but what exactly is that and are clients even in the market for a great lawyer at all?

Is it all about the money ? Or is it all about the client? How do you strike a balance that gives the client the best legal services whilst dealing with the ever-changing landscape that is the metamorphosis we call the Legal Profession.?

Do clients want a great lawyer ? Maybe they are happy with a mediocre lawyer if it saves them money.
Unlike many new lawyers I am a bit more mature and am entering the profession with a first career in Business under my belt.

I can not help looking at matters from a business perspective, it’s what I do. However many new lawyers are flying out to the realms of practice without so much as knowledge of ‘what a file looks like’ let alone the in depths understanding of strategic sales and planning strategies.

For law students many have studied for 5 years to grapple with the intricacies of legal argument only to find that someone has ‘moved the goal post’ once they have graduated. Now in 2011 as they enter the profession they need to be commercially aware too.

Why did no one tell them when they were filling out that UCAS form. Would they have benefited by taking a year or two out and learning the ropes in a small business venture first?

I would be very interested in receiving your comments and if you would like to write a Guest blog then please let me know. – What makes a ‘great lawyer’ and do clients want one anyway?

Help the Next Generation of Lawyers – with the benefit of YOUR experience.

Michelle.L.Hynes LL.B (Hons)DipLP

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