How to manage your twitter as it grows

Ok so you now have over 500 followers and you are following over 1000 gosh , how do you manage that ?

Come on no-one is super human , no one can read all these post .

I shall let you into my secret .
Decide which tweets you really want to read and make a list !! It can be private or public.
When you log into twitter it’s easy just check out your list . Simple as that .

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Writer, lawyer, blogger,artist and mum
Oh and Tweeter

LAW STUDENTS : Are you a LAW Geek – The 5 questions quiz by Legaleaglemhm

I have a confession to make.

My name is Legaleaglemhm and I am actually a GEEK. Yes I do have an anorak , I own a pair of binoculars and can be seen making notes in my note pad

( yes I do mean paper) I also use evernote, my iPad, iphone and the cloud I am permenantly connected to the world via social media and eat sleep think and play Law in the old form and in the new style .

Does loving technology make one a GEEK?

Here are my top 5 ways to identify if you are a GEEK

1. You use social media.

2. You know what IP is.

3 You use Technology in your law studies.

4. Your mom asks you questions on Facebook.

5. You are currently scoping out the firms you would like to work at in the future on-line.

Congratulations, you are also a law geek.

Welcome !

You can follow me on twitter @legaleaglemhm

Michelle Hynes LL.B (Hons) DipLp

Legal Process Engineer





Top 50 Ways Lawyers are using twitter – can you add to the list

What are ‘Lawyers’ really using twitter for?

Twitter; we know it’s there and we use it (each of us differently) but what trends are forming and how is the profession using it for business and for ‘law’?

Marketers tell us how to ‘check our companies social media policy’ and how to ‘gain followers’ and how to ‘communicate’ but what exactly are lawyers using twitter for.
As there does not seem to be a definition of ‘lawyer’ available I use the term ‘Lawyer’ in the loosest form of the word gathering into this group law students, jurists, writers of legal commentary ,practitioners, solicitors, advocates and barristers together with legal publications and paralegals. In fact, anyone who works in the legal field.

Here is a list of a small range of activities currently being undertaken by ‘Lawyers’ on twitter.

Communicating new skills for students and trainees
Discussing law
Legal education
Reputation building
Finding a law school
Recruiting new law students
Asking legal questions
Peer learning
Discussing legislation
Making referrals
Obtaining subscribers
Accessing legislation
Communicating with client
Obtaining funding
Securing traineeship
Letting off steam
Recruiting a new partner for firm
Connecting with colleagues
Promoting charitable events
Motivating staff
Providing ‘access to justice’
Collaboration across jurisdiction
Voicing one’s own opinion
Accessing global news
Accessing on-line journals
Finding Experts
Creating a ‘future’ of law
Discussing ‘The Bar’
Finding a Devil master
Finding a pupilage
discussing techniques of practice
exchanging views
sharing News
getting tips for traineeship interviews
links for blawgs
sharing ‘mooting’ tips
learning how to use ‘twitter’
learning how to use Linkedin and facebook
event publicising
Defrosting cold cases
correcting Grammar
arranging tweetups
Debating issues
Finding a trainee
Researching Firms
Publishing research
helping insomia
personal branding
Showing Lawyers as ‘Humans’

I am happy to add your activities to this list please tweet me @legaleaglemhm or email

Law and Legal Affairs: It’s time firms get tweeting to find potential new clients

Published Date: 26 July 2010 By David Lee
Todays article published in The Scotsman
IT is a phenomenon that divides families, friends and professions. You can become totally obsessed by it – or just dismiss it as a modern fad that will soon be replaced by something else.
Yet many lawyers who are passionate about Twitter insist it has gone far beyond a passing trend – and become a genuine business tool for the profession.

Firms that continue to have a ‘stubborn streak’ and refuse to embrace Twitter risk losing ou
t on business and being left far behind, according to regular users of the social media conversation site.

Michelle Hynes McIlroy says she was shocked to see how few delegates at the Law Society’s conference on alternative business structures earlier this year raised a hand to say they used Twitter – although the Law Society itself was an early adopter.

Ms Hynes McIlroy, marketing manager at, who posts tweets as @roadtrafficlaw and @legaleaglemhm, says lawyers who use Twitter properly are definitely picking up business.

Since her company joined Twitter in September 2009, she says: “We have listened to conversations by potential clients and new clients, instructed counsel and pushed traffic to our website which has increased by over 200 per cent in the last year.

“When I asked the audience at the conference how many people used Twitter, I was shocked to see only a few hands raised. If Scottish lawyers are not listening to all these ‘I need a lawyer’ tweets, who is?”

Ms Hynes McIlroy, who has established a new twitter account called @legaleaglettes within the last few weeks, says is not just a question of using Twitter for the sake of it – but making sure you use it strategically.

“Twitter is a unique tool with tweets being directed out into the virtual world but the nature of the beast itself is that tweets are often swept along and missed by the very person they are aimed at. Using twitter strategically by sending tweets out and also engaging with clients is one of the keys for both @legaleaglemhm and @roadtrafficlaw.

“The 1,980 people whom I follow on Twitter are potential clients and the 860 following me are also potential clients. There are 27.3 million tweets every day; some are about the law and legal issues.

Legaleaglettes ‘Global’ – The future of Law

Legaleaglettes ‘Global’

Founded by Michelle Hynes-McIlroy LLB (Hons) aka @legaleaglemhm

The Legaleaglettes are ‘creating’ the ‘future of law’ not just responding to it.
In less than a month technolgy will take a massive leap and a new concept will spring to life.The legal profession ‘Global’ will be the ‘movers and shakers’

Thank you for taking the time to read this brief. In a precarious time for Legal Professionals around the globe; future lawyers’ have started a new initiative that with the right help and support could potentially benefit us all.

So what is the purpose of the legaleaglettes and what is going to happen over the coming months?
Firstly I think we are all agreed that something is changing, call it a paradigm shift or a redress to the balance whatever around the world changes in how we learn law, communicate law and practice law are emerging.
The way we recruit lawyers and gain traineeships is changing too.
It’s no longer enough just to work hard get a first class honours degree and walk into a training contract with your firm of choice. It is a difficult journey and the profession faces new competition from businesses outside of the traditional profession.

I have set legaleaglettes’Global’ as a new collective.

This is NOT a twitter group, or a linked in group or a facebook group.
This is a collective of legal Professional around the world working together to build a new type of communication system of ‘law’

I have started the ball rolling and now look to you for some assistance.
The purpose of the ‘@legaleaglettes‘ covers many different areas as follows:
• To join law students (including colleges, paralegals and pre undergrad)/ trainees/NQ/solicitors and advocates and barristers around the world together and allow them access sources of law.
• To let law students (of all stages from pre to post grad) share in research and legal methods of education.
The allow Universities around the world to learn from one and other sharing legal knowledge and creating a new way fro the benefit of their students.
• To build a peer group that can help each other in legal training and networking.
• To Profile law students of all stages of their career to employers….everyone wants the next ‘rising star’ to be on their team. Follow @legaleaglettes now you may hire them in 2 years?
• To give the @legaleaglettes something extra on their CV which sets them apart from other candidate and may even be enough to land them that training contract with the firm they want. Communicate in a 21st Century manner to land that 21st Century job.
• The build up a network of associates – you can never start early enough
• YOU WILL NOTE THAT USING TWITTER AS A FREE MARKETING TOOL IS NOT EVEN ON THIS LIST and in my opinion many lawyers/firms are missing the point of twitter. Use it for us (legal profession of the present and future) productively.
I have big plans for the @legaleaglettes and here are some of them

*This month a New type of media will be launched- It is unique and never been launched before (more information will follow) which will showcase law students/trainees/NQ from around the world – it’s an New type of communications system which will allow us connection at a better and more useful manner and allow us access to law Globally

one feature will be on- line videoblogging which will allow legaleaglettes the ability to create on line ‘professional profiles’ which they can take through their career.

These films will show who the legaleaglettes are and give you an opportunity to see what the future members of the profession are saying. (It’s an impressive bunch so far)

The New Platform will host on-line profiles of Global students – allowing all froms of social communications to take place in ONE PLACE.It is new – Its not facebook,wordpress,youtube -It is better.

We are looking for support from the Legal Profession across the world.
Legaleaglettes ‘Global’ will be a mechanism for communication in all areas of law at all levels and will include changes legal education in Universities, law firms, Law Societies and in Legal research –basically were going to be the next generation of ‘on-line jurists’ commenting on the law and the shape of the law as it happens- sounds ambitious?
Yes; it is ambitious, but I believe that if only half of the law students are as passionate about Law, justice and our world as I am, then this will work.
As @legaleaglettes grows I hope to encourage law firms large and small to get their trainees involved from the first day of their training contract.
Legaleaglettes will work on providing a network to exchange, grow and learn.
I hope that small firms too will get their trainees involved and will be able to watch as young and old lawyers move through their study years into practice and see the changes which would normally not be easily accessed. (In fact this is totally unique and this cannot be seen anywhere-to date)
I will also personally be speaking to students at Universities and encouraging them to join us and learn, engage record and of course showcase themselves and build their own brand.

Neil Stevenson – @Stevensonlaw one of the Directors of the Law Society of Scotland posted a tweet today which reads ‘Starting to think about more support for high street firms – what would be most useful to solicitors in practice? ’I think this is a great question, but I suggest that as a profession we take a ‘forward thinking’ stance here and plan ahead giving not only current lawyers but the ‘next generation of lawyers’ the support they need in learning the skills they need right now. The future generation of professionals need skills such as business development and marketing and how to build their ‘own brand’.
Collectively we can create a future legal profession to be proud of one that listens, communicates and actually understands what our clients need and how we can best give it to them.
I propose that instead of ‘reacting’ to the changes we ‘create’ the change and take back some of the responsibility for ourselves.
Let us create a ‘future of law’ that not only listen and responds but does so with ease and skill not just trying to pick up tips and skills on the way.
I really want all of the @legaleaglettes to help me do this and I hope you will help too.
I plan to set legaleaglettes up as a not for profit organisation

No financial monies are required to be initially involved though we hope to raise sponsorship from within the ‘Global’ legal professions and any sponsorship monies raised will be directed back into legaleaglettes and the future of the legal profession via our students.
How you can help:
There are a few options and dependant on the size of your firm you can choose.
1. Offer to sponsor legaleaglettes (which I plan to set up as a not for profit organisation). You can be involved as much or as little as you choose.
2. Promote legaleaglettes in your publications by articles.
3. Encourage your students to be involved
4. Encourage your trainees to be involved
5. You can add your firm’s endorsement to the videos by being filmed and appearing along with the future legaleaglettes.
6. Donate monies for prizes for legaleaglettes
7. support us in networking and training events
8. Be a part of the organisation at board level.
9. Come along to our events and talk.
10. All sponsors will receive great publicity around the world.

I am happy to come and meet you to discuss further.

I plan to travel around the world to connect lovers of the law and connect us all in ‘creating #futurelaw# I need your help.

The initiative is live now and will be moving forward in the Next few weeks.
I am at present looking to secure a high profile ‘Legal figure’ who will endorse us.
Many thanks
Michelle Hynes-McIlroy
@legaleaglemhm on twitter
MichellehynesMcilroy on linkedin
Mobile No. 07824467897
My blog :
23 July 2010

Little birds with courage

Legaleaglemhm and Little birds with courage.
The Legal Profession in Scotland awaits the new Legal Services Act and is viewed as, balancing precariously on the proverbial branch of that solid oak tree, watching a world of change. The big question is when will they take the leap of faith and fly?
A summary of my presentation to the Law Society of Scotland at the Alternative Business Structures conference on 7th May 2010 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel
Coming from a successful career spanning over a decade in Business and Marketing I come to the legal profession from a very different perspective. I returned to study in 2004 and received my LLB with honours from the University of Glasgow in summer 2009.What surprised me was, as many speakers at the conference described “the stubborn streak” that exists in Scotland’s legal fraternity.
Having secured my traineeship with and the position as Marketing Manager I realised that a glimmer of hope does in fact exist in what was once viewed as a stuffy and traditional profession.
My current role of Marketing Manager sees my years of marketing experience being re-sparked and put to action in the redefinition of their key marketing strategy. A strategy which indeed places as one of Scotland’s innovators; the movers and shakers and maybe the little bird that has leaped off the branch and is flying around as others stare on with disapproving and disbelieving glares.
Working directly with Graham Walker LLB I worked to mould and reshape the existing marketing strategy to accommodate new means of communication. A multi-facetted strategic plan which is still in its infancy; although already seeing results.
This strategy formed the core of my entry to the Law Society of Scotland’s competition to new lawyer’s one which I was delighted to have been chosen as one of three winners in the “What future leaders say……” section of the conference.
Apart from the obvious boost to my ego, being introduced as a future leader of the Legal profession in Scotland brings with it a challenge I am happy to embrace. I aim to record changes (and i predict there will be many)as they happen with the assistance of key lawyers throughout the world.
During the day we heard from respected academics and Scottish Lawyers of the changes ‘about to happen’ within the profession. Lorna Jack of the Law Society urged members to be united in embracing these changes yet the society as a whole awaits the passing of the Legal Services Act as somewhat a marker of when changes will occur. This is something I disagree with and indeed shows that the profession as a whole are kind of missing the point. The changes have already happened and I demonstrated this in my address.
The profession in England and Wales have and are responding to the formation of Alternative Business Structures albeit reluctantly, yet us Scottish lawyers apparently seem set to waste time squabbling amongst our profession instead of doing what the rest of the world is doing and that is embracing the change.
We heard during the conference of the need to protect the rule of law whilst somehow responding to changes in our client’s behaviour yet no-one proposed how to actually do that. ‘Where have all these lawyers been?’ I thought as I awaited my turn to speak.
The two other winners described the use of Facebook and the growth of a new virtual world with the commoditisation of legal services being a key to the responses needed by the profession and this led very neatly on to my talk.
I began my presentation by identifying a recurrent theme of the day ‘change’ and asked the audience to consider that change has already happened. I described this change as a paradigm shift in law making, in society, in client behaviour, in all professions, not just the legal profession, and in the emergence of even more competitors.
The emergence of the new shiny virtual world brings us two routes we can take. The first one is being adopted already and that is to simply ignore it and in my opinion rather appears to be like an ostrich burying its head in the sand or we can be brave and reach out our hand to the virtual world, learn its languages and actually talk, engage and do business with its inhabitants.
I asked the Scots Lawyers to consider who the inhabitants of the virtual world are? I asked them to allow me the privilege of being their translator for the day by opening up my Twitter account with the audience and explaining how I use Twitter as a new lawyer and how uses Twitter as part of our marketing strategy.
I explained that the twitter stream is visual snapshot of a live conversation occurring in the virtual world between different virtual inhabitants. The inhabitants are called followers and following. To make things very simple I asked them to accept that the 1980 people whom I follow are ‘potential clients’ and the 860 following me are ‘potential clients’. Not only does Twitter allow one to choose whom to follow but one can target followers by using Twitter search function thus allowing me to follow: lawyers, sources, potential clients, current clients.
By following these targets I can visually watch and take part in their conversation occurring in real time in the virtual world.
Twitter statistics currently show that there are over 105 million Twitter users and 27.3 million tweets (conversations) occurring every day. That is a lot of conversations and some of those conversations are about the law and legal issues. The boundaries and jurisdictions’ in the virtual world do not exist. There is only one virtual world and the sharing of information between inhabitants occurs all day every day.
Conversations such as “I need a lawyer” are currently falling only on very few ears.
In my role as Marketing and Business development manager for we have been listening to these conversations since September 2009 and in the last 8 months have used Twitter in many different ways.
By using Twitter as one form of communication we have listened to conversations by potential clients, new clients, instructed counsel, pushed web traffic to our web site which has increased by over 200% in the last year. We have had over 5000 views on our Youtube channel alone and developed our own movie channel where expert lawyer Graham Walker delivers short videos that can be watched on an iphone or blackberry.
As a new lawyer I watch what other businesses with different business structures are doing with Twitter and this feeds into our knowledge of this new phenomena.
I asked the audience how many people used twitter and I was shocked to see only a few hands being raised. If Scottish lawyers are not listening to all these ‘I need a lawyer’ tweets then who is?.
Twitter is a unique tool with tweets being directed out into the virtual world but the nature of the beast itself is that tweets are often swept along and missed by the very person they are aimed at. Using twitter strategically by sending tweets out and also engaging (translated: having conversations) with clients is one of the keys for both @legaleaglemhm and @roadtrafficlaw.
By having conversations with our followers we demonstrate that we are not just a lawyer in a suit in a big corporation. We show that we are listening when the client needs help and that may be at odd times outside of opening hours.
We also create a reputation as being ‘human’ and a real person who cares about why they need a lawyer.
As a new communication tool Twitter also brings access to the changing face of political discourse .Just as the political forums have evolved and people conduct politics in both a different language and arena, sources rich in new law and law form emerge in the virtual world.
During the recent debating of the Digital Economy Bill (now Act) over 60,000 tweets were sent. The languages of the world thus converge into a new form of discourse. The new systemic entity does not close at 5pm, has no need for sleep, and bars no-one.
Whilst Twitter is labour intensive, it is also worth remembering that it is Free.
The important message that I attempted to convey to the conference delegates is that ‘change is not about ….to happen’ Change has happened.
The virtual world now exists and is inhabited by our future clients, future law and future competitors.
To tweet or not to tweet is still a question many firms spend so much time contemplating…… that few seconds it takes to tweet ‘I need a lawyer ’ I know that I will be listening, engaging and responding and so will our competitors.
No-one knows what future technologies are around the corner. There may be lots of new forms of communication with the virtual world and without doubt they all require us to be brave and embrace them. Change has happened-fact.
As brave baby birds that have jumped off that branch and are flying around with a few select others: such as @brianinkster (Inkster’s solicitors) and @dfscot (MacRoberts solicitors)in this strange new virtual landscape we look back to the traditionalists still bickering about why they should stay firmly rooted and beckon then to join us. I will leave you with a final thought.
One can stay in that old traditional oak tree, safe and secure only till you realise that the world is now in the sky and you are a bird not a dodo. Do what birds do….soar high.
(Dodo’s by the way are now extinct)
I was asked what future leaders say……..and this is it “Jump – Come and join us in the sky of the future”.
Tweet me @legaleaglemhm and @roadtrafficlaw
Michelle Hynes-McIlroy LLB (Hons)
Marketing Manager
My talk was filmed courtesy of and a big thankyou to @kevoneil and @gillianoneil