Miss Glasgow’s Glorious Gluten Free Grub

Miss Glasgow’s Glorious “Gluten Free” Grub

Minted Pea and Chicken Soup with Chilli and Lime

(serve ) With Gluten free oatcakes.

A perfect recipe for a cold winters night. Very tasty and why not save a serving to put down in the freezer. This will make enough to have a hearty bowl plus freeze some.


I cooked chicken breast cost

1 bag of frozen peas

spray oil / coconunt


I onion

Chopped chillis

Mint ( I use the mint sauce in a jar)

1 lime


In a pan spray the bottom with coconut oil and add the chopped onion until the onion goes soft. Add frozen peas ( i usually add enough to fill the pot ) and a tablespoon of mint. Boil for about 20 minutes Add salt and peper. Add the chicken breast chopped.

Cook for 15 minutes.Remove half and put into blender and then return to the pan. Stir in one spoonful of chopped chilli and the juice of a lime. Add salt and pepper (to your own taste) and serve warm  with  Gluten free oatcakes.

 How this recipe came about: I fancied something quick and easy and something that had a bit of a kick in it. The chilli and lime gives it that. I hope you enjoyed Miss Glasgow’s Gluten free grub Recipes.

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