Tips Celebrity Blogging for Law Students and Lawyers by Legaleaglemhm

Wow !

Celebrity blogging for Law Students and Lawyers  !!!!!!!


I’ve just checked my analytics for one of my 7 blogs and I am amazed to see that I have now had over 70,000 views on one blog alone (this one)

With 5500 subscribers receiving updates as and when I post.

I just want to pass on some of the tips for blogging I have learned over the years.

10 Tips for Successful Blogging

1. Keep blog posts short
2. Keep it updated
3. Engage –  it may not be twitter but you can engage with your blog audience
4. Keep it real – Humans like real stuff
5. Invite ‘guest bloggers’
6. Use twitter and facebook to promote your blog
7. Make time to blog – even 15 minutes a day can keep your blog updated
8. Read other blogs and comments:The world of ‘blogging’ is growing
9. Add images and video people are nosey ! we all like to use visual aids to help convey a message use photos, images and if you like music (but make sure you own the media Copyright Theft applies to blogs too)
10. Enjoy

That said , why not set up a blog on one of the many platforms such as wordpress or blogger or tumblr.Make a brew and get blogging.

Send me a link to your blog and I will happily review for you and offer advice.

Have a great day folks from Sunny Partick in Glasgow’s West End

Michelle L.Hynes


Legal Process Engineer


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TOP TIPS : How to choose a Personal Injury Lawyer

confused baby boomercrThe internet is awash with law firms, legal eagles and lawyers specialising in every area of law and yet when someone suffers from an injury that happened at work, on holiday  or at home the last thing they need is to spend hours searching the internet to find a solicitor that relates to their problem.

Clients are people after all and having suffered a trauma or accident it can lead them to be in a distressed, confused or even an angry position. One of the main areas we learn at Law school is about how Law is about LIFE. Life is not like a text book.Life has variations, sadness,distress,anger and these are the emotions a client will be going through when they are looking for help form a solicitor.

How do you know which solicitors to choose?

If you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault and you want to make a personal injury claim or get legal advice you will need to find yourself a firm of personal accident claims solicitors you can trust to guide you every step of the way. Sometimes the situation may involve something that has happened at work or in relation to your family member and emotions run high.

Questions about procedure and costs are high on the list , what are my prospects of winning,how long will this take ? These questions need to be answered . How does No win No fee work ? The Law is a complex area and clients need no nonsense straight talking right at the beginning.

Maybe the incident happened overseas, on holiday or at a visit to the dentist.What type of lawyer do I need is often heard under the breath of a confused new client sat infront of a PC.

So yes, doing a google search is important but its also important to consider a firm with a strong reputation and who can offer a you a level of specialism in personal injury cases.

The TOP 4 things clients should look for when choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer  

1. A strong internet presence with good testimonials available to read ( read testimonials by happy clients) 

2. A professional team with good communication ( have a look at ‘our team’ on the website ) 

3.A result based client history – WIN WIN WIN ( how many cases have they won)

4. Someone you can speak to , ask questions and feel looked after. ( how quickly is your email or call answered? Does someone get back to you and keep you posted at all steps of the way)

If you need any help finding a specialist solicitor why not drop me an email below or you can have a look on the right hand side of my blog for law firms.

I hope you have enjoyed my Top tips for finding a personal injury solicitor.

Michelle Hynes LL.B(Hons) DipLP