Law Students – Do you think ‘Money Sucks’?

Law Students Do you think Money Sucks?

If you are a Law student , Diploma student, Bar Student, trainee solicitor, Pupil or devil – no doubt Money either Will be, or has been a problem for you at some point during your studies. Where can you turn to get informed advice on your money issues?
Send your money questions to me by email and our expert Fergus Muirhead at moneysucks will answer on this blog. It can be a general question or a specific money matter.

So Who is @Money_sucks

Moneysucks? was created by Fergus Muirhead to help demystify money! Money is an important tool for all of us, and an emotional one, but too often we let it control how we live our lives rather than the other way round.

So Moneysucks? will be full of accessible, easy to read, information and advice on all aspects of money and consumer rights. Fergus is making it his mission to help you understand what you need to be doing to make your money work for you, and to make sure that you understand where you stand as a consumer if you feel you’re getting poor service or your complaints are not being taken seriously.

Moneysucks? is the culmination of over twenty years of involvment with money in all its guises and over that time Fergus has helped a wide range of individuals to manage their money efficiently.

Fergus is an experienced writer and broadcaster. He has written on all aspects of money and consumer issues for a number of newspapers and magazines as diverse as Scotland on Sunday, The Herald, The Sunday Herald, the Sun, The News of the World and the Journal of the Probate Section of the Law Society. He wrote a regular column in Moneywise Magazine and for five years he was Consumer Champion at best selling magazine Women’s Own.

He is the author of three money advice booklets for One Parent Families as well as a number of Chapters in the Probate Section Journal Yearbook. He has also written on-line content for RBS ‘Money Sense’ website as well as their ‘Teacher’s guide to Finance’ Booklets.

As well as his writing credits Fergus has appeared regularly on a number of radio and TV programmes. These include GMTV, BBC Breakfast, Homes Live and Location, Location, Location for TV and Macaulay & Co, The Phil Williams Show and many BBC News programmes on radio.

He can currently be seen and heard on his regular money and consumer slot on BBC Scotland’s flagship TV news programme Reporting Scotland and on the lunchtime radio show Scotland Live.

Away from his desk Fergus has travelled the world playing bagpipes and he has acted as Compere at every Piping Live Festival in Glasgow as well as at the prestigious William Kennedy Festival in Armagh. He is a respected performer at Burns Suppers – his Tam o’ Shanter is well worth seeing we are told.

If your starting out as a law student, half way through your studies or coming to the end , ask the expert.
If your a new lawyer or even an ‘old’ one , then questions are welcome.

Top 10 Pitfalls of Being a Mature Student

Top Ten Pitfalls of Being a Mature Student

My first post on this subject (ten-reasons-why-you-can-go-back-to-uni-as-a-mature-student) received many views and RT’ s and it focussed on 10 reasons why you CAN go back to Uni as a mature student. In order to give you a balanced view of life as a mature student here are my TEN pit falls.

1.Can you teach an old dog ‘new tricks’

Mature students, unlike fresh young students come to further education with a set of pre-conditioned ideas. Your views are shaped and moulded by your experiences of life and in some ways this is a benefit for mature students however it can also be a hindrance. Just like the driving instructor who struggles to teach his pupil ‘how to drive’ after having 30 lessons with their dad. Mature students sometimes struggle to absorb new and fresh idea. Life can taint your view. There is an old Tao saying that ‘in order to fill your cup you must first empty it ‘and sadly some mature students do not grasp this.

2. No Energy

Gosh I wish I could have the energy I had in my twenties whilst I am in my 40’s. Sadly it is not there any more. Mature students have extra responsibilities and many work, raise families and indeed do a full shift before even leaving home in the morning. Taking care of yourself must be at the top of your list if you pan to embark on a life of study.


Many mature students have families and children. The additional struggle that faces these mature students is broader than those of the younger student. Whilst young students focus is on themselves and handing in that piece of course work by the due date. Mature students have children, school, work, and all of the responsibilities that go with it. Making sure you have the packed lunches ready, new school shoes, parent’s nights, child care organised. Being a mature student requires excellent project management skills because you have to juggle many projects at the same time. Children don’t care if you have an essay due in , dinner needs to be bought, prepared and they deserve to be put first (in my case they always are).

4.No Money
This is a tough one. Get used to having no money. Get used to it very quickly and get used to having debt. It’s a fact. The good thing is you are not alone.

Ok, so I set out to write about the 10 pitfalls yet when I get as far as no 4 I think …..Wait there are no more. What are you waiting for? Life is for living and for learning. Never mind the pitfalls think of the adventure…….

I have really enjoyed life as a mature student and I returned to study in 2004 at the University of Glasgow. I graduated with LL.B (Hons) in 2009 and just coming to the end of the DipLP (Diploma in Legal Practice) and start my journey as a trainee solicitor very soon.
If I can do it you can – Pitfalls – Bah they are history. DO IT ANYWAY

Michelle L Hynes
LL.B (Hons)DipLP