Life AFTER Law … continues

I haven’t posted anything for a while . After studying law , working in a few practices, becoming a Legal Process Engineer and a columnist at the Journal with my own regular column, and a successful legal blogger my NOW LIFE( I shall affectionately give it this term ) is somewhat different . Better even .

After 2 years of contemplation I have decided to share some of the things I have learned along the way .

Three things strike me as major differences between my LAW LIFE and my NOW LIFE

1. The speed /pace at which thoughts make your body work to the limit. Lets face it none of us are getting any younger.

2. Relationships – in-which all areas of law are based around are often forgotten when in the LAW LIFE. The relationship between client and lawyer, accused and the state, pursuer and defender, employee and employee are relegated to WORDs on paper, decrees and contracts. In my NOWLIFE relationships move into the world of BEING and not of words .

3. Time – they say time flies when your having fun don’t they and yes I have to admit in my LAW LIFE time did pass fast . The buzz of learning and of doing . In my NOW LIFE i use time very differently and to my advantage.

So the three things SPEED, RELATIONSHIPS and TIME are my first topic for discussion with legal practitioners who pick up reading my blog now . I will leave you something to ponder :

1.How do you protect your body from the effects of working flat out, round the clock and on the clock for your. Clients?

2. Are you maximising your relationships in the office, and at home?

3. Are you a slave of time or is time working for you?

Just think about it

My next post will look into it further

Thanks for reading

Michelle Hynes LLB ( Hons) DipLP

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